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For repairs that are made to last, call Tri County Roofing. Our expert technicians have over 25 years of experience repairing local roofs, and we can guarantee all of our work. Get fast, affordable repairs, a FREE repair estimate, and professional, courteous service. We don't walk on water, but we can keep it out of your home.

Damage happens and we can fix it

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Let the experts at Tri County Roofing strip down and replace your roof. We'll offer you a FREE cost estimate in advance, work with your insurance company if possible, and get the job done right.

Full strip down and replacement

Whether you need a few new shingles, need a new roof, or need waterproofing, we have the roofing materials and the skill to make it happen. Tri County Roofing caries a unique assortment of roofing materials and supplies from CertainTeed and other brands, to get your roof back in shape. We offer fully guaranteed and bonded service for all roofing repairs, and you can rest easy knowing that the best quality materials are used on your roof, every time. Don't settle for anything less, get the top quality roof repairs you deserve.  

Wide range of roofing materials available

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